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Use the augmented reality dissection feature in Human Anatomy Atlas


Limited access to a lab room with specimens or cadavers? Have iPads, Android phones or iPhones? Try 3D models in augmented reality!


Visible Body's Human Anatomy Atlas 2022+ Edition

Dissect a virtual cadaver in the prone or supine position.

Dissect models of the eye, brain, heart, and more!

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Supported on certain Android and iOS devices

How does augmented reality work?

An augmented reality experience is created when you use the camera of a device (like an iPhone, Android phone, or iPad), to view a real world environment, with digital information placed in that environment. Visible Body added augmented reality functionality to Human Anatomy Atlas so that users could place a virtual human organ or complete human body model on any flat surface, view it, or step through a virtual dissection. Learn more about augmented reality on our blog.

Visible Body's app support augmented reality

Try out an augmented reality anatomy dissection!

If you have a mobile device that supports augmented reality you can download Human Anatomy Atlas to your Android phone, iPad, or iPhone.

If you are an instructor considering augmented reality:

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