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Offer interactive visuals to help students understand A&P and biology


Access a world of human biology

Visible Body offers 3D visual anatomy, physiology, pathology, and biology content. Our apps are available for web and mobile access, across a wide range of devices, and in multiple languages.

Visible Body Web Suite

An Institutional Site Subscription to Visible Body Web Suite offers your school or library 3D visual anatomy, physiology, biology, and pathology content on the web and mobile devices.

Visible Biology

An Institutional Site Subscription for Visible Biology provides your institution with web access to our introductory biology product.

Visible Body Courseware

Visible Body Courseware offers our anatomy, physiology, pathology, and biology content as well as LMS integration and the ability to create dynamic lessons, assignments, and assessments.

What do you get with an Institutional Site Subscription?

Accurate content, curriculum-friendly resources, and shareable custom content


Access on multiple devices in multiple languages

  • Visible Body’s products suit the large variety of devices students and instructors have. No local install is required for PC, Mac, or Chromebook use—just an internet connection! A large volume of content and most features are also available to download onto mobile devices.
  • Hassle-free access for users both on and off campus. Using IP authentication or proxy login, students and employees can create a user account to access Web Suite anywhere.
  • It’s easy to set your device to a preferred language! Most of the content is available in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. Unlike other visual reference products that require re-launching to move between languages, you can switch between languages with a quick click or tap.


Pricing is based on the number of users at your institution.

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