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Bring your curriculum to life in interactive 3D with a subscription to Visible Body’s anatomy and biology content.

How VB subscriptions work

  • We sell a web subscription: students can access all the 3D models and animations on their computers.
  • There are three purchase options:
    • Life science content only
    • Life science and anatomy content
    • Either of the above options with course management (Visible Body Courseware)
  • Once your school has a web subscription, all of the lab activities, lesson plans, and answer keys are free and available to instructors.
  • The price for a group subscription is quoted per student. Request a quote and/or an instructor trial using the form at the bottom of this page.

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Preview the content

Visible Body offers visual learning content students can use instead of a textbook or for completing interactive assignments and virtual lab activities. Review the content in these products to find the best fit for your class.


Visible Biology

A visual guide to biological concepts and processes.

Anatomy & Physiology

Designed to follow the curriculum of an introduction anatomy and physiology course. Use with our free lab activities.

Visible Body Courseware
Visible Body Courseware

Interactive assignments and lessons that engage your students' passion for anatomy and physiology.

Why choose 3D interactive anatomy and biology resources?

We've gathered instructor testimonials, student class test results, videos, and instructor support resources showing how 3D visual resources can improve student success.

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Use our instructor resources to create lessons for your high school course

We've done the work for you! Use these free teaching resources to try out a 3D visual lesson or lab, or fully integrate Visible Body's 3D interactive content into your course.

Try our free content for students and instructors

Not ready to make a buy or jump into a free instructor trial? The Visible Body teaching resources page has lots of free learning and teaching materials:

  • eBooks: short visual reviews of regional anatomy, core A&P course topics, muscles and bones for kinesiology courses, anatomy for yoga students, and more!
  • The Anatomy Learn Site: a brief visual introduction to each body system
  • The Biology Learn Site: a brief visual introduction to key biology concepts
  • The Visible Body Blog: short, easy-to-digest articles on biology, anatomy, physiology, pathology, medical terminology, and the history of medicine

Use Visible Body’s lab activities with our 3D models, interactive simulations, and animations

Visible Body’s lab activities are written by instructors for instructors. We have labs on dozens of topics, including cells, photosynthesis, the heart, the digestive system, muscles, and more. These lab activities are free to instructors and students—there’s no expensive lab manual to purchase!

Correlate our 3D content with your curriculum to teach core concepts

Check out our collection of premade courses in Visible Body Courseware for biology, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, healthcare, and more! We offer correlation courses with interactive assignments and quizzes that match up with popular lab manuals and A&P and biology textbooks.

Our biology lab manuals are paired with lesson plans that include correlations to NGSS and Florida, Texas, and California state standards.

Learn about funding options and how VB products can help counteract learning loss

Visit our guide for getting funding for Visible Body products, which includes info on ESSER II funds and learning loss, sample emails for colleagues and administrators, and grant writing resources.

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