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Looking for Courseware teaching and tech tips? Visible Body’s got your back. From new instructors learning the Courseware basics to experienced users who want to make their lectures and labs even more engaging, we have training materials for everyone.

Visible Body Webinars and Office Hours

Learn about Courseware’s key features and hear how other instructors are using Visible Body technology with our Webinars and Office Hours


The VB Webinar Series

The VB Webinar Series is geared towards instructors who want to learn more about using Courseware in practical settings. Webinars include tutorials by our team in creating virtual assignments, making your own dissection quizzes, and how to move physical labs into a virtual world. There’s also the odd guest webinar where educators showcase the topics about which they’re most passionate!

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Office Hours

Office hours are posted on the (virtual) door! The VB Office Hours Series is where educators currently using VB Courseware and apps can discuss their experiences with fellow educators who want to learn more. It’s also a fun way for instructors to connect with each other in real time.

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Courseware Help Center Tutorials

Everything you need to get started teaching and learning with Courseware

The Courseware Help Center contains a vast library of support articles and associated tutorial videos that walk through the main features of Courseware and provide answers to frequently asked questions. (You can also check out our Courseware FAQ page.)

Here are some of the most popular support articles:

Courseware Training with the Customer Engagement Team

The Visible Body Customer Engagement Team offers everything from one-on-one trainings to office hours and content specific webinars. No two trainings are the same, as the team customizes each session to everyone's unique individual needs and comfort level. Whether you need a general overview of Courseware or a deep dive into something more specific, such as quizzing, the Customer Engagement Team is here to help.

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Want your own instructor demo or have a question about using Visible Body to teach? Contact our team!